Are YOU READY?!? What's the worst that could happen?

What will you do if the power goes out...for good?

Invest in your survival because knowledge is power! Knowledge doesn't weigh anything,unlike all those trinkets that manufacturers want you to buy. Knowledge can't be lost when you have to abandon your home due to earthquake or disaster. Knowledge will get you home when the roads are blocked by landslides. Knowledge and a little planning go a long way!  Take this summer as your opportunity to plan ahead for peace of mind!

Our survival school's goal is to make any Prepper or outdoor person more able to safely venture into the woods; whether it be to hunt, hike, or in a professional situation, such as a forest ranger. Mother nature has provided us with everything we need to stay alive, if we know how to use it. Our instructor Jon has two decades of experience leading others on multi day trips using nothing but the basics. He teaches the most relevant information available today.

On our longer seven day courses you can expect a surprise visit from our long range rifle instructors who is also a former Special Forces Soldier. Expect a tough, confidence building course!

Courses are available for all seasons.

  **The 7 day course is available for parties of 2 or more.

Course fees are due at beginning of courses. And the multi-day courses require a 50% deposit upon booking, a cancellation fee of $250 will be kept if you cancel within  two weeks of  your course.

8 hour Basic: Fire, Shelter, Water, Food, Being Prepared, Navigation $275 (minimum 3 students)

Or 8 hour Bushcraft and Advanced Fire Starting $325 (minimum 2 students)

24 hour: Basic (includes above with overnight stay) $675

Intermediate (basic + Bushcraft and Advanced Fire starting) $695.

Advanced (intermediate + minimal equipment: choose 3 items to bring. $765.

Multi-day: Choice of 3 days 2 nights, or 7 days 6 nights. Available in either intermediate or advanced. More focus on long term shelter, food and Bushcraft.

3 day Course: $1700.

7 day  Course $2895.


Jon also manufactures small EMERGENCY KITS $87.95 Kits are available at a reduced price if purchased along with a course. It has been Jon's experience that it's best for him to make these kits available to his students since acquiring all the necessities can be very time consuming. Jon provides this service because he wants to see his students leave as best prepared as possible.

Follow the link below to some great information on the latest sleeping and survival technology.


Edible flora and fauna

Shelter building at it's best. Who needs a tent?

Flint and steel fire starting


Bush Craft.