Instructional courses on rock climbing and Mountaineering 

Drawing on 27 years experience climbing and mountaineering we aim to offer the finest courses for everyone from beginner to advanced.  We provide a qualified mountain guide with 20 plus years of climbing and teaching experience under their belt  so you can safelyenter the climbing scene at whatever level you desire.  We have a perfect record for safety so you can relax and enjoy yourself as you learn the skills and equipment necessary to climb safely and have fun. 

Rock Climbing Classes

$250+ per day. 

Classes have no minimum but we will only take a maximum of 2 students per instructor. 

One day rock climbing classes start at $250. and include all equipment except shoes. We suggest that you attend Mountain Equipment Co-op or REI for proper shoe fitting ahead of time.

Classes will be held at Harrison Bluffs Climbing area, near Harrison Hot Springs, BC. 

Advanced classes and mountaineering classes are priced according to the class material desired and time allotted. 

Classes are run as weather permits and classes will be re-booked at the earliest convenience if weather happens to prevent a class going forward on it's set date. 

Mountaineering skill classes for long range hunters.


This class is intended for those that venture into remote areas in the pursuit of game. If you're goal is to travel into remote wilderness areas for that once in a lifetime hunt then this class is for you. This class ranges from 2.5-3 days in length.

We cover the following and more:

  • Bush-craft
  • Mountaineering skills for technical scrambling terrain Class 4
  • Clothing and footwear selection
  • Equipment selection
  • The use of climbing safety equipment
  • Assessing steep terrain
  • Route Finding