PREPARATION IS KEY:No one likes trying out for a team, unit, or police force without the proper preparation. It's embarrassing, it leaves you likely to be hurt or injured, and it's a waste of time and effort.

As a current member of the Swiss Military, former professional soccer player, security contractor in South Africa (where  shootings, and kidnapping are common), and long time body builder Jay has an enormous amount of knowledge (ten years) in fitness.

Even though he is young he has an amazing penchant for the prep work necessary for various disciplines such as military or security work/contract work, and nutrition.

So, if you're trying out for a police force, military unit, or for basic training Jay is the guy to get you ready. Jay's workouts have left others flat on their faces, literally, when they've tried to duplicate his level of fitness without the necessary work.

Though his courses may not be cheap, neither is the knowledge and advantage you'll gain from training with our newly contracted trainer. Jay comes to the table with access to professional nutrition programs available through his partner.

For those interested in preparing for firearms competitions, tactical team try outs, or for just general fitness you've hit the right place.

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