Congratulations to several of our former students!! One took an elk at 617m. The other took a beautiful moose at 930m. Both made vital area hits for humane kills on the first round. 

Long Range Shooting Classes

"I signed up for the Challenger Long Range Rifle Class with Mike and right off the bat quickly realized he knows what he's talking about am very happy with the class and results. Once we got to the site he systematically went through all the gear and factors that need to be considered for a long range shot including my rifle which we found did not have the scope mounted properly. After he properly remounted my scope we started shooting and by the end of the day I was consistently hitting targets over 1000 yrds. I can assure you I won't miss again on the goat of a lifetime."  - GT

 Our main instructor has had such serious assignments as protecting international dignitaries at home and abroad.

Most importantly our instructors have extensive experience training  civilians, Law Enforcement, military special and general forces.  

 Courses are conducted in a fun, relaxed, safe environment and focus on success. Perimeters set out in the class outlines depend on the abilities of the students attending; and if a class progresses quickly you will have the opportunity to shoot out to distances beyond 1000m.

 RangeTech can build precision rifle courses suited for your needs. Combining the experience of our Survival Instructor and our Long Range Instructors we can build courses for anyone including those who face life with certain physical limitations. Please call ahead to discuss details. 

Check out our full selection of classes listed below.

Contact us  via our contact page to inquire about booking a class. 

**For a minimum of four people we will travel within southern British Columbia to teach classes. Non refundable deposit required.

**If you are an active duty member of the Canadian Forces please contact us via email for course pricing. We support our troops.


**Payment portal is at the bottom of the page.

  Challenger Long Range Rifle class

$683.CAD / $575.USD

-Price is per student, Maximum Four students per class

-One day intro. class.

Course Material includes:

  • Prone shooting
  • Use of a MIL/MIL, MOA/MOA, MIL/MOA, FFP, SFP, Rifle Scopes
  • Rifle set up and chronograph data. 
  • Breathing and fundamentals of long range shooting "Fire C.A.R.D."  -Long for range for dummies
  • Reading wind and accounting for conditions.
  • Shooter/Spotter communications
  • Basic Ballistics and selecting a cartridge for your specific needs-avoiding the hype.
  • Use of a ballistics computer
  • Rifle Maintenance
  • Selecting basic equipment

Students are expected to provide 100 rds of precision ammo and a rifle capable of shooting sub MOA **Equipment lists vary according to season and will be provided once a student has paid their deposit. All students in the challenger level course receive a waterproof notebook that is theirs to keep. Please Note: Rental Rifles equipped with terminator Muzzle brakesand ammo are available for a fee


-Price is per student, maximum 4 students per class.  2-3 Instructors per class. 

This is a very extensive course which combines advanced positional shooting with aspects of reloading and ultra distance shooting. Our main instructor was making 1 mile shots with a .308 before there was ever a ballistic computer.  Besides a decade of experience our secondary instructor has an extensive knowledge of modern ballistic solvers and long range equipment available to civilians. We will also discuss new methods for solving difficult wind in difficult steep terrain. 

-Two day class

  • High Angle Shooting level A
  • Positional Shooting level A
  • Advance theory of ballistics
  • Extended Long Range Shooting 1200-2000+ meters 
  • Unknown Multiple Distance Shoot
  • Shooting in challenging terrain.
  • Reloading for maximum accuracy.
  • Forster Reloading Equipment will be on hand for the reloading portion of these classes.
  • 10-11 hour days, not including travel time.

**This class requires a different set of equipment from our Challenger class so a detailed list will be sent out upon booking. 

This class is very intensive in subject material so expect two very long but very enjoyable days.

*** We tailor to your needs in this class; so whether you want the class more focused on extreme long range, or reloading,  or positional shooting, or hunting, we've got you covered and will customize to your needs.

These classes will ultimately lead to you saving money on bad purchases or missed shots. 

Sniper Stalking/Counter Sniper Classes

$999.CAD / $750USD 1 Day Course Level A

Sniper stalking classes are available to those that would like to further challenge their bush skills, observation skills, and their Ghillie Suit performance. After an introduction and "classroom" learning period students will move to an area where they will test the skills that they've learned in a fun but challenging environment. This next section of the class consists of self guided orienting to a fixed location where the "shooter" will need to identify symbols on signs that are only visible from the preset location.  Instructors will spot approaching shooters as they try to approach their hides.  Students will also have the opportunity to practice memory games in combination with finding those materials hidden on a range.  Expect to get dirty. :)

  • Map and compass Navigation
  • Communications
  • Bush Craft-making the most of what you have. 
  • Setting up a Ghillie suit to match terrain
  • Movement
  • Identifying targets

** Note: this is a non shooting class and all firearms will be disabled by the instructors prior to the class beginning. 

**There is a minimum equipment list for this course. Please contact for further info..

    The Sniper Experience:
$235. per person-minimum 2 people
Planning a birthday, stagette, stag, office/work event? We offer a four hour long range shooting experience which includes everything that you'll need to successfully engage steel targets out to 1050 meters. 
-Includes 20 rounds of precision ammo per person, transportation, 1-2 SURESHOT exploding reactive targets can be purchased forimmediate use, for $12. each, pictures, video, and lunch or dinner. ie. Homemade smoked brisket, cornbread, cinnamon buns, and other local, or homemade fare. 
Those who make the 1050m shot win a company hat with our new logo:) 
** Note: Due to the nature of the activity this is a strict NO ALCOHOL, NO SUBSTANCE event.
1. All courses require a minimum (non-refundable)deposit of 50% of course costs and full payment  10 days before courses commence.
2. Courses will always carry on unless extreme weather moves in and limits visibility; in which case the course will be re-scheduled on the next available date.
3. Student accepts that weather, natural disaster, and unforeseen circumstances can interrupt classes; unless otherwise discussed ahead of time course fees will not be refunded and courses will be re-scheduled at the earliest convenience.
4. If you need to re-schedule your class there is  a minimum 14 day re-booking period.
*Courses do not include ammo and you will need to bring 100 rounds of precision ammo per day. 

* Courses are held in mountainous terrain and attending class with appropriate clothing for all weather conditions is a must. 

5. We incur costs in arranging each and every one of our classes and as a result we do not refund course deposits but we do accept transfers and will do our best to help you find another person to attend in your place or arrange for a later class date for you if you can't attend.

Advanced Class Level A Civilian/Hunter

$ 1200 USD

Two day advanced course. Price per student. Courses are available in Canada according to the posted schedule or in Idaho by reservation. Please contact us through the contact page to discuss dates and needs.

Challenger Course

$ 675 USD

Intro to long range course with a focus on prone shooting, equipment selection, and shooting out to 1000 Yards. **Please contact us though our contact page to discuss which date works for you prior to making your payment.

Sniper Stalking/Counter Stalking Course Level A

$ 750 USD

1 day Intro to stalking and counter stalking with a focus on setting up ghillie suits, choosing paths of movement... ***Please contact us for a date prior to making payment.

Sniper Experience

$ 175 USD

Intro to long range sniper experience for those interested in experiencing a little bit about the world of sniping without breaking the bank to do so. **Please contact us prior to making payment.

Rifle Rental 1 Day .308

$ 89 USD

Rifle rental for Challenge 1 Day Course **Does not include ammo

Rifle Rental 2 Days

$ 165 USD

Rifle rental for ADVANCED COOURSE .308, 6.5 Creedmoor, .338LM options **DOES NOT INCLUDE AMMO

Rental Equipment:

If you'd like to attend our class, or have a friend that would like to, but don't have the necessary equipment, we have Terminator equipped rifles available for rent during class time.

Rifles start at $125.CAD /$89USD per first day, $200CAD / $165USD, per two day course.

Match grade factory ammo must be provided by student unless prior arrangements are made.

**There is a damage deposit required and students accept responsibility for damages that they incur to said rental equipment.